Our FIRST EVENT BOOTH SINCE 2019 was Summer on the Farm at May Farms in Byers on June 27, 2021 - we took LOTS of pictures of LOTS of folks - the young little lady pointing in this photo kept saying "Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!" and that about sums it all up!

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Submitted by Patty Imber



Our inaugural post-covid, in-person meeting at the Outdoor Kelver Library Screen was a bit hot but great!! Thank you KT Thompson for the lessons in queen rearing! Thanks to all who attended... and see you around Tracy Hopkins! Thanks for all you have done as Treasurer for our club!




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Submitted by Patty Imber



For Independence Day 2019 we had our usual booth but we also entered a float in the parade and received a second place ribbon for our efforts! Woot!

Thank you everyone who came out to put together the float, man the booth, and have a great time!


 Booth ribbon for float

booth observation hive

booth Jo in suit

float dog bee

Pictures submitted by Patty Imber


 Float before parade

float before parade not front view

Float flag in breeze

Float folks in suits

Float sign

Float ribbon

Pictures submitted by Shannon VanDuren

Float front

Float front whole parade

Pictures submitted by Joanna Thompson


As the season winds down (just two events after today! Where did the summer go?), we are out at Bennett Days enjoying some nice calm, bee weather with the observation hive in tow!


 Photo submitted by Joanna Thompson

IMG 9399

Photo submitted by KT Thompson



This weekend we had our first package delivery of the year! The weather was AMAZING and we had all the packages distributed in under an hour!

Thank you all for your cooperation and support!

IMG 8588IMG 8587IMG 8586IMG 8584IMG 8585IMG 8583IMG 8582IMG 8581

Pictures submitted by Joanna Thompson

IMG 8575

IMG 8577

Pictures submitted by KT Thompson