Think you have a swarm?

Awesome! Now what?


  1. Don't spray them! Honey bee swarms are just a group of worker bees with the queen in the center looking for a new home - this is a natural part of their reproductive process and is one way we can get new bee colonies from established hives. Bee swarms may be alarming, but they are not a danger if left alone to be handled by experienced beekeepers.

  2. Call for help! If you live in Colorado, you can use the statewide swarm hotline or call your local country extension office or beekeepers' association.

    If you contact the right folks, someone will come collect the swarm and make sure they find a good home!
    We have local beekeepers from our club networked within the Colorado state swarm hotline (1-844-SPY-BEES or 1-844-779-2337) who you will be connected with when you call and enter your town/area information.