Quick! An awesome opportunity!
Happy Beeks!
Dr. Dewey Caron and Dr. Larry Connor have written a new edition of their amazing book, Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping and it is just out. Our friend, Dewey, is offering to let us buy it directly from him, at a huge discount. This will be the book we use for exams and general research going forward, rather than Diana Sammatoro’s book, or  “What Do You Know” by Clarence Collison, since that one is so out-dated. Dewey’s new book is normally $90 plus shipping, and he is willing to send it to us for $55 +$5 each for shipping. Since we will be together at the winter meeting in Pueblo, it might work well to have him send them all to me and I’ll bring them along. If you would like to take advantage of this awesome discount, please fill out the form ASAP and I’ll order the books. Send your check to me, and we’ll write him one check,or hit the Paypal button(that KT will add this afternoon).  Please fill out the form that is attached. There is also an option on the form for you to order directly from Dewey, in case you are not planning to attend the winter meeting. Don’t procrastinate! I’ll be sending him our final number on Tuesday, and he’ll ship on Wed. If you are ordering separately, your check needs to get to him before he leaves for South America for the winter on Dec. 1st. KT, Sue, and I got ours already, and it is great! (and, there is a secret flaw in this first print that will surely be corrected, so that these first ones will be special. I’ll give a prize to the first person to report to me that they have discovered the secret.) Thanks!  T

Here’s the Oder Form (REQUIRED!): https://forms.gle/FeEK5NFdDbT8dgAk7

Here’s the PayPal Button: