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Please see our Calendar page and listen for information in our meetings our posted on our Facebook group for specific classes as they are scheduled.
Fill out the interest form linked here & we will contact you as educational opportunities that may interest you are planned!

We at Eastern Colorado Beekeepers try to offer a range of educational opportunities for our variety of club and community members.

Generally, we offer Beekeeping 101 & Beekeeping 105 each spring and, depending on opportunity and interest, will offer more specific classes such as hand-on hive splitting or queen rearing seminars.

We are currently planning a "Dip Your Toes In The Water" day in the apiary for folks interested in beekeeping or JUST getting started with their bees!

Classes are typically held in the Byers/Strasburg/Bennett area and often include at least a portion of class in an apiary (weather permitting) with the bees.

If you are interested in any of these or other educational opportunities, please fill out the form below & we will keep you in the loop!

Typically, there is also an educational presentation at each regularly scheduled meeting (guests are welcome - see our calendar!).