2020 Beekeeping Educational Options!


 In our January meeting, we discussed a variety of levels of beekeeping educational opportunities, including:

  • For those interested in beekeeping, but currently without bees "So you want to be a beekeeper?" is Feb 8th at the Adams County Fairgrounds. Fee is $20 (see flyer linked here for registration information).
  • For those with bees (or getting bees this spring) seeking their first real beekeeping class, Beekeeping 101 is taught by beekeeping mentor Dan Rau - it is certified by the Colorado State Beekeepers Association as apprentice level beekeeping education (so it will help you qualify for the master beekeeping program, if you'd like). We are working on a date and venue in the Byers/Strasburg area - perhaps March 28th - and the second date is typically in August. Fee is $60 for day 1 - Please register for Beekeeping 101 day 1 here! 
  • Eastern Colorado Beekeepers is hosting a conference March 7th in Strasburg - the poster with general information, schedule, & session descriptions is linked here! There will be 4 sessions before lunch starting at 8 am and a keynote speaker & networking after lunch. Lunch will be provided by the East Adams Conservation District. Registrations will be accepted online at this link. Please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.
  • Our president also shared that Wyoming Bee College is coming up in March: https://wyomingbeecollege.org/




Please see our Beekeeping Classes & Calendar pages or the list below for specific classes as they are scheduled.
Fill out the interest form linked here & we will contact you as educational opportunities that may interest you are planned!

We at Eastern Colorado Beekeepers try to offer a range of educational opportunities for our variety of club and community members.

Generally, we offer Beekeeping 101 each spring and, depending on opportunity and interest, will offer Beekeeping 201 & more specific classes such as hand-on hive splitting seminars.
Classes are typically held in the Byers/Strasburg/Bennett area and often include at least a portion of class in an apiary (weather permitting) with the bees.

If you are interested in any of these or other educational opportunities, please fill out the form below & we will keep you in the loop!

Typically, there is also an educational presentation at each regularly scheduled meeting (guests are welcome - see our calendar!).